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The International Royal Academy of the United Nations is the largest expert, scientific, educational, informational, consulting and cultural association. The Academy is an independent, international organization as UN, Nobel Committee, UNISEF etc.

The most outstanding persons and professionals are represented more than by 1000 members of the Academy all over the world. The structure of Academy includes more than a hundred of federations, branches, representations, divisions, departments, boards, committees, assemblies, councils, institutes, schools, magazines, leagues, centers, funds, unions, commissions etc.

Major tasks of the Academy are a progress and an expertise of scientific, technical, cultural and commercial ideas and decisions. Academy supports science, education, arts, and achievements in culture and sport, development of ratings system of organizations, institutuions, companies, specialists, historic and modern figures in the world.

The academy awards certificates, diplomas, degrees, ranks, prizes and medals; evaluates diplomas, holds presentations, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, seminars, pageants, forumes, business tours, carries out informational interchange; conducts the unique projects determining the development of modern scientific and technical progress, investment and sponsor's projects.

The academy helps: to expand communications for science, art, education, sports, business, politic, professional services; 
to obtain international certificates, accreditations, scientific degrees; 
to present to the international union, to the association and institute, to the laureates, winners of the Academy your achievements and your colleagues, children, your protégé, yourself (on nomination of the outstanding persons, experts, talents, pageants, inventors etc.) and to receive the appropriate certification.

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Успехов и вдохновения, Юлечка!!!

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спасибо большое

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Юля! Молодец! От души поздравляю, новых побед тебе и успехов! Здорово!

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Спасибо большое, Сергей

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