Зелинская Юлия

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publication in the art book I Segnalati ~ Зелинская Юлия


Зелинская Юлия – publication in the art book I Segnalati
Avisual lyricism that in Yuliya Zelinskaya assumes the characteristics of eternal beauty. A beauty that does not reside in time nor in space, but in the mind of the artist, able to rework the sign and to propose it always in a deeply communicative key. The great merit of Yuliya is to bring the viewer into what are the new gardens of Eden of contemporary art. Her visions, her landscapes, her faces are real visual masterpieces. Masterpieces that have nothing to envy to the great masters of the past. Masterpieces whose linguistic and chromatic linguistics make them visual icons destined to remain in time. Zelinskaya is an artist who, with great gestural harmony, redefines the values of the sign, giving it new meanings. An artist, whose great expressive value is recognized in the choice of signs with which she addresses the different themes that she brings to the scene. Salvatore Russo

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